My dolls

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*In order of arrival*


Name: Elín Brynhildur Úlfsdóttir
Arrival: 04/09/2009
Sculpt: Littlefée Ante NS
Age: 4 years old
Nationality: Icelander
Favourite season: Spring
Personality: Curious and lively
Favourite flowers: Cardamine pratensis, forget-me-not and gentiana.




Name: Brynn
Arrival: 21/06/2011
Sculpt: Pukifée Zoe
Age: 109 years old
Nationality: Welsh
Favourite season: Autumn
Personality: Cheerful and giggly.
Favourite flowers: Dandelion and poppy.




Name: Nelda Gwynt Deere
Arrival: 09/11/2012
Sculpt: Planetdoll Roseanne
Age: 17 years old
Nationality: half English half Welsh
Favourite season: Autumn
Personality: She’s a shy girl and likes very much reading in the forest. She enjoys the little things in life, writing letters by hand, drawing or doing crafts. She’s quite a fan of Harry Potter.
Favourite flowers: Bluebells.



Name: Niniane Arundell
Arrival: 11/06/2013
Sculpt: Dust of Dolls Lünn
Age: 4 years old
Nationality: Cornish, although her mother is Saami.
Favourite season: Winter
Personality: Calm and thoughtful. She likes playing and making new friends.
Favourite flowers: sea thrift, clovers and carnation.



Name: Sevi Arundell
Arrival: 23/04/2014
Sculpt: Cerisedolls Ninon
Age: 14 years old
Nationality: Cornish, although her mother is Saami. She’s Niniane’s sister.
Favourite season: Summer.
Personality: Cheerful and sometimes nostalgic, but generally optimistic. She plays the banjo.
Favourite flowers: Sunflower.



Name: Keina Akigiri (Mjallardóttir in Iceland)
Arrival: 17/11/2014
Sculpt: Dollsbe Be With You Garlic
Age: 4 years old
Nationality: Half Japanese, 1/4 Inuit, 1/4 Icelander
Favourite season: Spring
Personality: She likes to explore, play and dance. She likes sweets very much.
Favourite flowers: Cherry flowers, camellia, hydrangea, wisteria.




Name: Alani
Arrival: 13/08/2015
Sculpt: Merry Doll Round Mousse
Age: Unknown.
Nationality: Unknown.
Favourite season: Spring/Summer.
Personality: Cheerful, curious, active and dreamer.
Favourite flowers: hibiscus, damask rose, plumeria, gardenia.




Name: Siḷa Mjöll Eiríksdóttir
Arrival: Head 01/12/2015 – Body 22/02/2017
Sculpt: Merry Doll Round Olathe in Petrichor body
Age: 27 years old
Nationality: Half Inuit half Icelander
Favourite season: Summer
Personality: Creative, calm, thoughtful, a writer looking for inspiration. She speaks three languages: Icelandic, Japanese and English. Knows some Northern Alaskan Iñupiatun from her mother. She works as a proofreader for a book publishing company. She’s Keina’s mother.
Favourite flowers: Lupine, siberian phlox, mountain avens.




Name: ????
Arrival: ——-
Sculpt: ———
Age: ———
Nationality: ———
Favourite season: ———-
Personality: ————
Favourite flowers: ————-


If you want to know about the ex-members of my family you can find them here.