About me

Sin título-3The idea of this blog came from the need to have a personal space where I can develop and classify all the information related to my dolls and their progress, as well as talking about their stories and customizations. I also wanted to have a place where I could wander about the dolls I would like to have at some point (quite a few) and in general to share my path in the BJD world and my other dolls.

About me, I’m known on forums and social networks as Nimdeen or Min Mint. I started in the BJD hobby at the end of 2004 and I registered in my first forum in 2005, and my first doll came in October 2006.

Although I’ve been on and off in the hobby since I started (mostly due to studies and other life duties), I’ve always been active in the hobby in some way or another.

More recently I started in the world of Blythes, Obitsu, Azone, DD and Pullips, even though right now I only have of the two first types I hope one day I will have some of the others.

Apart from the dolls, I like photography, nature, reading, writing, crafts, miniatures and anything cute. I live in the United Kingdom right now 🙂

Don’t hesitate in contacting me for any doubt, question or suggestion you might have. You can do it from my contact page.