New dolls coming

I wanted to do a quick update because I have news in my BJD family.
Another new member is going to join the crew!!! And it’s a BOOOY!!! haha
arsene_600900_08A Dollshe Arsene to be exact!
After I had one bad experience with a boy years ago I decided to not try and have one again. Simply I find girls a lot easier for some reason and the boy I had ended up not being who I wanted, his character didn’t fit, didn’t know what to do with him, so I sold him in the end and hopefully the person that adopted him used the full potential he could offer.
I think I mentioned in my ex-family members page that he had also an awful body. I bought a minimee body at the time and to this point is still the worst body I’ve ever had in my hands. Sometimes I think that it’s the main culprit that I got rid of him.

Anyway, time goes, likes and personality change and now I think I’m ready to try again.
Not only is a boy, but it’s a BIG boy, so we’ll see how it goes. I already have an image and personality in my head for him.
The main reason why I haven’t tried until now as well is because I’m really picky about bodies. It’s easier with girls nowadays to find different body types (I don’t like massive breasts for example, and that’s the reason why nowadays I felt more comfortable going back and trying big girls too). In the past when I started in the hobby it was pretty rare to find varied body types so between the male bodies being how they were and the girls having so many breast I went more for 1/4 and 1/6 sizes, it was easier to find something I liked.
I left it ambiguous what I don’t like about male bodies in general and that is the six pack, I don’t like it at all, and male BJD bodies tend to be too muscly and always show the six pack, even bodies that look skinny have a six pack.
I know there are bodies out there without the six pack, but there was always something, like maybe too marked rib cage (I don’t like this in girls either to be honest) or I didn’t like the head, etc. So until now I hadn’t found a male BJD I really liked, and when I saw THAT body without six pack, realistic proportions and I loved the head too, I knew he was the one!!!! hahaha
The only exception I would do to my adversity towards the six pack would be for a 5th Motif Venitu, because I like that sculpt soooo much that I simply would get it with my eyes closed. Plus it’s not as exaggerated as in other sculpts so that’s definitely a plus too. I like the proportions of Dollshe’s Mystic body too, but I’m not convinced by the six pack again… I wonder if sanded it would look good…

So he will be the second Dollshe doll coming!  Yess! The second! (although since I bought them through dealer I asked if they can be sent together, but technically I ordered the other one last month).
angela_600900_03My other doll coming is a girl as I said two posts ago, and it’s a Dollshe Angela.
It’s been sooo long that I wanted a doll like her, I like my dolls to be diverse in features, skin tones and bodies and I’m really glad that we’re right now at a time when more dolls like this one are released.
I got her in Honey Caramel Brown. It’s going to be my first experience with the Honey skin, I hope she doesn’t stand out a lot compared with the resin of the rest of my dolls. I had maaany problems to choose the skin tone, I kept looking at people’s pictures and I couldn’t find uniformity in the tone. I’m a bit concerned it’s going to be too light for what I had in mind. Fingers crossed I will like it.
There are not many Angelas around, I keep checking forums, flickr, etc, to see if anyone puts more pictures of this beauty, but no much luck so far. Hopefully more pop up at some point!

A long wait has started! If you learn anything in this hobby is to be really patient haha I’m just hoping that since I bought them through dealer that Dollshe doesn’t take as long in making them. Fingers crossed in this too!!


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