Coming back

It’s been quite a long time since the last time I posted. To be completely honest I wasn’t too happy with the blog and I thought about changing platform. I tried passing the blog to Tumblr, but I wasn’t satisfied either. So long story short I decided to change things around here and finally leave my Tumblr as a side blog to this one for smaller stuff and more randomness (still doll related, but less structured than in here). Let’s see how it goes this way. You can find my Tumblr clicking on the T icon in the right, you can also find icons for my Flickr and Instagram accounts.

To sum up this time since I last posted in here not much has changed in my family. At the beginning of this year I received the Petrichor body for my Olathe head, so she’s finally complete!
I was surprised to find out that the head had lost a bit the pinkish tone over this two years, what I find pretty weird taking into consideration that she had been in a box all this time… It’s not noticeable now that I did a faceup for her.
I need to sew clothes for her (she’s just using some random stuff I have around here). I had to go back to my home-country for personal reasons and I only took her, Keina, Alani and Brynn with me, so that’s also the reason why I haven’t been taking pictures of the others recently. I’m not used to the sewing machine my mother has here, so I need to practice a bit before sewing something and I don’t have many fabrics here either, so we’ll see what I can do.

On the other hand, BIG NEWS! A new girl is coming to my doll family! She’ll take a longish time coming, so I’ll be slowly introducing her. I need to start looking for a name for her (I take ages in deciding my doll names), and I have a vague idea about what colour eyes and what type of wig I want for her.

And to finish this post, just a reminder that I post weekly on Flickr and Instagram since I still follow my 52 weeks challenge. I post same stuff in both (sometimes I post some extra pictures on Flickr), so feel free to follow me in one or the other or both!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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