Today I was taking pictures to two of my dolls when I thought that since the light today wasn’t horrible I could take pictures of all my dolls naked in a line so you can see the bodies comparison. I’ve tried for the colour to be as close to the real one as possible, but even though I tried there are a couple of them that are not exactly as they are in real life (and then it also depends on your screen too).


I’m going to talk about the features of each body and my opinion and experience with them. From left to right:

Planetdoll Roseanne 43cm: She arrived in 2012 but I bought her second hand and although I couldn’t find who was her first owner with the information that I have I estimate that she was bought at least one year before. The body has simple joints and its “normal skin” is quite yellowish. The body has yellowed more than the head but since she was already yellowish from the start you can’t notice the change as much. Her posing is quite bad. When she arrived I had to restring her but her range of movement didn’t improve too much. Recently I restrung her again (a lot) because I prefered her to be stiff than her falling in pieces every now and then, but it didn’t improve too much either, until I did the hot glue in her joints and now is a lot better. Her range of movement is still quite small comparing it with other dolls but my recommendation is that if you buy a Planetdoll doll with the old body (this one) you do the hot glue as soon as possible. I haven’t tried the new Planetdoll body but I dismissed the idea of changing it for this one because I read that the resin looks worse quality wise and the finishing too (and they have changed the resin colours). The resin in this body, the old one, is thick and the doll is quite heavy. Aesthetically is not my cup of tea, especially the area of the pelvis/thighs, legs and ankles (that look like they’re swollen). I wouldn’t mind changing her body if I found one that matches and that works in size, but I haven’t been able to find too much information about what matches Planetdoll.

Cerisedolls Ninon: She arrived in 2014 and I bought her directly from Lillycat in the preorder she did. The body has simple joints too and the resin colour is technically “cream”. I’m slightly worried about this resin tone because even now that she has only been out of the box a couple of times, it looks greenish depending on the light. In the pictures it never appears like that but it does in person. I hope it doesn’t go worse *cries*. I don’t think I’ll buy any other doll from Lillycat in this colour because I’m not that keen on it. Another thing that happens depending on the light too is that sometimes it looks quite yellowish, equal or more than the Planetdoll. So my experience with this doll is that it goes from cream to greenish to yellowish depending on the light. Her posing is not bad but it’s not the best either, and if there is something I really hate it is her knees, they keep popping out. Posing standing up is good, but if you want to play a bit with one knee a bit bent or more complicated stuff she’s going to lose the balance, her body is out of proportion because her thighs are heavier than the rest of her body so it’s difficult to play with the balance. There is a joint in her torso but to be honest I don’t know exactly what is the purpose of it is because I haven’t been able to do anything with it, it’s hard and stiff and it doesn’t stay in any other position apart from the default one. Aesthetically I like her legs and thighs but not as much the top part, simply because in persona she looks a lot more skinny than in the pictures, and her neck is a tiny bit too long for my liking. Nevertheless, as far as I know I think Lillycat was working on improving the knees in this body, that I think it is the worse of it. I don’t know if I’ll do the hot glue to mine at some point, maybe only in the knees, I don’t know.

Dollsbe Garlic: She arrived in 2014 too, I bought her in the first preorder done directly from the company. It’s a double jointed body and her resin colour is a normal skin that hasn’t appeared too real in the picture. The real colour is a bit more yellow/cream (I don’t understand why it has appeared like this in the picture, but if you look at any other of my pictures of her you’ll see that the tone is more between the Planetdoll and the Cerisedolls). In posing she is, for me, one of the best dolls I have. Obviously the double joint helps a lot, but she also has a really good stability and her joints have silicone rubber block things that help even more in the poses. She also has a mechanism in her legs to sit her down and secures it so it doesn’t move, and she also came with interchangeable hands! I’m really pleased with this body and aesthetically is one of my favourites. The only negative points I see in it is the hands that are quite big as well as the head that is also big in proportion for my liking.

Dust of Dolls Lünn: She arrived in 2013 and I bought her directly in the preorder Dust of Dolls did at the end of 2012. The body is single joint and the resin colour is technically normal skin, but the truth is that in person or in photos she has a pinkish tone and other times nuclear white depending on the light. Another thing worth mentioning is that the resin is quite thin in some areas so I usually go with extra care when playing with her. Her posing is not too good, mainly because or her arch shaped legs and the size of her feet. The knee system is the same one that in the Ninon of Cerisedolls, although in this case they don’t pop out as much as in Ninon, they still do quite a lot. As I was saying about the arch shaped legs, this makes difficult something as simple as making her stand up, sometimes one of the legs tends to bend more than the other one and since she has such a big bum she destabilises. She can also not sit down without having something behind because the balls in the thighs show in the back when she’s sitting down (so it’s not flat) and she destabilises. Since her knees only have two positions when they are bent they go quite far back and that also makes it more difficult to sit her on the edge of something. The chest joint works well and gives a range of movement to the torso (in comparison with the Cerisedolls). Another negative point for me is her hands, they are hollow and the ball is in the arms, maybe is something only mine has, but I think that the holes are not big enough for the balls in the arms because they don’t stay in position, it’s difficult for them to stay where you put them and they tend to take weird poses. On the other hand I would like her head to be a bit bigger and her neck a tiny bit shorter. Aesthetically I really like it, and it’s a body to admire with its pear shape, but in posing is not the best.

Littlefée Ante: She’s my oldest doll right now, I bought her in 2009 directly from Fairyland. Her tone is normal skin and with time it has become a bit darker (not yellow) but it’s not as dark as it appears in the picture. The body has double joint and poses very well. We all know that Fairyland bodies are famous because they pose great (although I don’t know how it is nowadays), however I think that with time she’s lost some posing range, maybe because of joint wear or because she’s not as strung as she was at the beginning. I have to say that I haven’t restrung her one single time since I got her and she still poses very very well (although she no longer stays upside down in one hand hahaha). I can’t say too much more about this body, everyone knows already because is one of the most known ones.
Aesthetically is not my favourite (I prefer Dollsbe one) but it can’t be denied that the position of the joints is very good and that they give a big range of movement.

Merry Doll Round Mousse: She arrived in 2015 and I bought her directly from Merry Doll Round shop. She has double joint and her resin tone is Chocolate Milk (so tasty! haha). It’s my newest doll so for the moment I can’t say too much about the aging of the resin, however I love the colour, it’s so beautiful and the resin is nice to touch and thick. The posing is great, when I saw the prototype I already thought that she’s was going to pose well, but when I received her I was even more surprised. Again we’re talking about double joint that it’s always going to help in the posing, but the truth is that being such a small body it poses really well even with the heels, that she’s wearing in the picture. In the photo I have to say that probably she’s about half a centimetre or one centimetre shorter with her normal feet, but I couldn’t bother in changing her feet just for the picture (since they use string and you have to cut them to change them). I can’t say too much more about this body, I like everything about it, the posing, I think is aesthetically perfect in proportions and in eveything (I love her little tummy) and I very pleased with it.

Pukifée Zoe: She arrived in 2011 and I bought her directly from Fairyland. She has double joint and her resin colour, although in the picture it looks closer to her real colour, is still aprox. one tone below the one that appears in there (as it happened with the Littlefée Ante). Between 2009 and 2011 you can tell the difference in the resin quality, my Zoe is still better than the ones that came out later but her resin is not as thick as the one of my Ante, for example you can see the magnets in her back. The posing is obviously similar to the Littlefée because it’s almost the same body but in a smaller scale. The only thing that affects her posing is the head, since it’s bigger it can destabilise the doll in some poses but apart from that she doesn’t have any problem and I haven’t restrung her either since I got her, although today when I took her I realised that soon I will probably have to restring her. Another negative point she has is that, related to the drop of quality that I mentioned before, the faceplate system sometimes doesn’t get secured properly and I have to put some blue tack so it doesn’t fall or move. As some of you might know I had in the past a Pukifée Ante and Luna too that I also bought them in the same order than Zoe. Luna was the worst without a doubt, without the blue tack her faceplate would fall every time you took her. With the Zoe is not as bad, but I put the blue tack anyway because it feels like it’s a bit unstable.


I’ll update this when I have new dolls and also when I get the body for my Olathe head, that most likely will be the Petricor body Merry Doll Round is making at the moment.

I hope this post can be of help for you at some moment and don’t doubt in asking me anything if you have any questions.


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