Bye bye 2015

The year comes to an end and I didn’t want to say goodbye to it without a last entry in the blog.

It’s been a weird and unexpected year. First, Breezy (pukifee Luna) went away because after a very long time she was still not fitting in my resin family, and I was so lucky as to get Alani, the Merry Doll Round Mousse, that she’s been also my first doll in that skin colour. However, because of the weather and other stuff I wasn’t able to do her make up until a lot later, and actually she still needs her eyes that I’ll order them now in January. The heads of Keina and Sevi spent months in the make up artist’s home, so I couldn’t enjoy them too much (and Sevi still needs her eyes, I tried some pairs and none convince me); and this month Olathe’s head arrived, and I still have a lot of work to do to her, and she needs a body!!

Maybe the “worst” of this year is been how little amount of pictures I’ve been able to take. I know that I complain about the weather a lot, but it has really been a horrible year, very dark and constantly raining, and that hasn’t helped at all in taking pictures (outside or inside). There have been other years when I haven’t been able to take too many pictures either for other reasons, but the worst is wanting but not being able to.

I have plans about things I want to do or buy in 2016, but I don’t want to stress trying to get them because they depend on stuff (especially the buying part). I no longer usually do wishlists any more, although I have in mind to do a blog post about dolls I would love to have but that I don’t know if I will ever have. But I’m going to leave here a small list of things that I hope to do/get in 2016.

  • Eyes for Alani (this is for sure, since I’m going to buy them now in January).
  • Eyes for Sevi. I have an enormous problem with the colour choice. I’ve tried dark brown, light green and blue. None convince me, although the blue ones more that the other. Any advice is welcome!!!!! 🙂
  • Body for Olathe’s head. I want for her the Petricor body that Merry Doll Round is making, I don’t know when it will come out but I hope I have enough funds for that moment. In this point I add all the other things the doll needs, like a wig and make up.
  • New wig for Brynn. Most likely I’ll do it myself, but I need the materials in the right colour.
  • Probably a new wig for Nelda. I’m thinking about it, but I fancy seeing her with a fringe.
  • New make up for Elín. I like the one she has, but after so many time I kind of like the idea of her having a change. I’m still not sure about this, I’m thinking about it.

I could include in this list dolls/heads I would like to buy, but to be honest I don’t know if it’s something that will happen in 2016, so I prefer to not include them in the list. In the last years the decisions of buying certain dolls have been quite quick, because they were second-hand dolls or limited ones or preorder ones… I haven’t had the time to spend months saving/planning for them. As an example, Alani, I fell in love with her when Merry Doll Round was still making her, but I didn’t know when I would get her or if I would ever do, the opportunity presented itself and I bought her.

Something I’m going to do in 2016 is the challenge of the 52 pictures, one per week. I did it in 2013 (you can see it here) and I liked the experience and it pushed me to take more pictures. I also hope I can sew many things throughout all the year.

And you, do you have many doll resolutions/plans for 2016? 😀


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