Merry Doll Round Olathe

Today I bring an unboxing video. The 1st of December I received Olathe’s head by Merry Doll Round. I wanted to clarify that I had in mind uploading this video yesterday but I had problems with the edition and it took me longer than I wanted. So when I say in the video that she “arrived yesterday” I’m referring to the first of December. English subtitles can be activated on the video.

I tried a 10mm eyes on her but they are too small and leave a gap. I think that an elongated eyes would fit well but I’m not sure if even the pupil is too small as well. Anyway, I’m going to leave her with those 12mm ones that are also elongated and they have a really pretty colour.


In my last post I said about various things that I needed to do/get for my dolls. Even though I haven’t been able to update at the same time that I was doing them, the situation right now is as follows:

  1. Fixing Keina’s eye mechanism. [DONE, although I couldn’t fix it as such because the acrylic eyes I have are one size bigger than the glass eyes she’s wearing. Also, I don’t know if this happens to everyone but the glue doesn’t stick well on the glass].
  2. Making Sevi’s wig. [DONE, although I haven’t show it in here, I still need Sevi’s eyes, that’s the reason why I haven’t shown her too much].
  3. Put hot-glue to Nelda’s joints [DONE, and she can stand up and everything now].
  4. Do Alani’s and the Limhwa ToYou make-ups [IN PROGRESS]
  5. Finding the perfect name for the Limhwa ToYou because she has gone through too many (xD). [IN PROGRESS, I have some but I can’t decide].
  6. Eyes for the two mentioned just now and a wig for Limhwa. [NO, for now].
  7. New wig for Brynn. [NO, for now].





Here I put a picture in which you can see a bit Sevi’s wig.
As you can see she plays the ukulele! It was a present from my boyfriend from last Christmas and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be for Sevi.






Going back to Olathe, I hope I can keep showing her process. She doesn’t have a name yet and her personality and looks are not set. What I can tell you is that (a part from her eyes, that are those hazel ones in the video), she will more likely have dark hair, either dark brown or black.
On the other hand, I hope I can soon finish Mousse and Limhwa’s make ups if the weather allows me to do it, that is, as well as start and finish many plans that I have for them, and show things in their scale that I managed to get.


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