Sevi & Keina

At the end of last week I finally received back the heads of Sevi (Cerisedolls Ninon) and Keina (Dollsbe Garlic) that I sent to the make-up artist. I sent them at the beginning of May and it has felt quite like an eternity to wait for them even though I’ve been seeing pictures of the process.
But anyway, the important thing is that they’re back now and I’m very happy with the result!!! 😀



Here you can see Sevi. I was waiting for her to come back so I could make her wig, since it was not possible for me to make the head-cap without having the full head. I should have done it before I sent her for the make-up but I didn’t think about it and when I realised that I should have done it before it was too late.

And here you can see Keina. I’m very pleased with her make-up, and in her case it was the last thing left for her to be finished. She has her final wig and eyes too. The only thing I still have to fix is the eye mechanism since the eyes she’s wearing right now are glass and they don’t work with the mechanism (it uses acrylic eyes) so I still have to fix that so I can use it with the glass ones, and so that way I can move the eyes without having to open the head and without using blu-tack.

So to sum up a bit the things I have left to do/get for my dolls are:

  1. Fixing Keina’s eye mechanism.
  2. Making Sevi’s wig.
  3. Put hot-glue to Nelda’s joints (it’s very difficult for her to stand up because the joint balls in her legs turn too easily), what means taking her apart and all that.
  4. Do Alani’s and the Limhwa ToYou make-ups.
  5. Finding the perfect name for the Limhwa ToYou because she has gone through too many (xD).
  6. Eyes for the two mentioned just now and a wig for Limhwa.
  7. New wig for Brynn.
  8. Sewing a looooooooot and take pictures. (I already started with the sewing).

Pfffuuuuuu… so much work! xD

At least I want to do everything that it’s not the buying part before the next member in my family arrives (that will be Olathe’s head). If I do numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 (partially) I will be very happy xD