Hair update and other things

I’ve spent quite a few days making wigs. Everything started because Alani (Merry Doll Round Mousse finally has a name) needed a wig, and trying different hairs to my dolls happened what you can see in the picture below to the left.
I tried that alpaca hair that I had around to Niniane and I loved it (the hat was holding the locks together for the picture). So I decided to do a wig in that colour for her. Niniane has always been redhead until now, but the truth is that I like so much that colour that I don’t think she’ll be a redhead any more (I wanted to change the wig she had anyway because I never liked too much the haircut it had).

The result is what you can see in the picture below to the right. I still have to style is a bit more, but I also like it like this.

On the other hand, after thinking a lot about the various possibilites and trying a lot of things with Photoshop, I decided that Alani will have brown hair (thank you very much for all your comments through Facebook!). Brown hair was the last thing that crossed my mind because my Limhwa ToYou Mari had that hair colour and at the beginning I had in mind more like a blonde, because it felt different and that it would give more contrast, however when I tried my Limhwa ToYou’s wig to Alani there was a “click” in my head and I liked it very much, and I’ve been fighting against that thought with no success, mostly because I didn’t want two dolls with the same hair style and colour. However, it’s been a long time that I’m trying to find the right style to the Limhwa ToYou and I wasn’t convinced that that wig suited her especially, and I am/was in the process of changing her name because it didn’t convince me either. So I finally decided that Alani was going to have brown hair and that I would start from scratch with the Limhwa ToYou. I have some ideas for her, but it’s going to take me quite a while to get, especially, her wig.
Going back to Alani, Limhwa’s wig was too big for her, so I reused the hair of that wig but did a new headcap for Alani. The result is what you see in the picture on the left. I still have to style it a bit better, but that’s going to be her hair. I haven’t bought her eyes yet, because I’m not completely sure which colour I want for her and also because I want to buy new eyes for the Limhwa in the same shop. Technically she wears 6mm, but there isn’t almost any white bits, so I want to try ones in 5mm [Note: Alani wears 4mm eyes].
As I was saying before, I have quite a lot of work to do to the Limhwa, I want to sand the rough edges (maybe I’ll sand her completely, I don’t know if it’s me or not but she looks generally yellowish), I want to sand her nipples too (xDDD), no, seriously, her nipples look like cherries on top of cupcakes, they’re so exaggerated and big taking into account her body size (people are going to think that I’m obsessed with doll boobs, but the thing is that you can see the nipples through any kind of clothes she’s wearing and it doesn’t look natural at all xD). I also have to do a new make up for her (and one for Alani) if the weather lets me some time… uggghhh. But anyway, I’ll do everything little by little!!
I want to sew them some things. The have some clothes but I want many more xDDDDD and I also have in mind some furniture and accessories (among them there is something very important for Alani and I can’t wait to make it (and I hope I can do it well)).

On the other hand, not too long ago I had news about my two heads in make up process. Sevi is finished, but Keina is still missing some details. I hope they come back soon, it’s been nearly four months that I sent them. Keina will be complete when I get her back, since she only needed the make up. Sevi won’t, since I have to make her wig and I’m still not sure about her eyes and I’m waiting for her to come back to finally decide.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you’re having a great week 🙂


Arrival Merry Doll Round Mousse


I’ve been working three days on this entry, because I decided to make an unboxing video, and I’ve had all sorts of problems with technology and all its format and extensions incompatibilities among others. But after keeping at it for a long time, I did it! So I leave here the unboxing video of my Mousse from Merry Doll Round. The video could be improved a lot and I ended up speaking quite slow and with a lot of pauses because I was doing too many things at the same time, but little by little I’ll improve them. By the way, when I say “today” it’s because the video was recorded the 13th that is the day I received her, but because of the problems with the editing that I mentioned before, I haven’t been able to finish and upload it until today 16th.

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New Shoes!

They are actually not that new, but it’s because I had in mind to talk about them and show them even before I finished this blog. It had been a long time that I wanted to buy shoes for Elín because the poor little girl has spent years with only one pair (I’m very picky and I wanted something really specific) and when Keina arrived to my family it was clear that I needed shoes of that size. After searching and searching I found a shop on etsy that had cute shoes and I didn’t doubt to buy some.

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