This entry is going to be mainly a summary of the dolls I’ve had but that they’re no longer with me. I had always done this type of post with little dolls but this time I’ll post pictures (bad ones) of the dolls I had in the past starting with the oldest one. Continue reading


Family changes

Today Breezy, my pukifee luna, has gone to a new home.

It had been a while that I was having doubts about her, and knowing myself, when I start to change the physical appearance of a doll is because something it’s not quite right. Then I start thinking if it’s worth changing things non-stop until I find the right thing or if it’s better to just start a new project that feels more exciting.

Even though I know that a doll will end up for adoption when I start having doubts, I always end up over-thinking more than I would like. In this case I think that I’ve over-thought it more than usual, it’s been a lot harder. I think that her face, always pouty and sad, didn’t help since it made you feel bad, it’s like a little kitten looking you with those begging eyes. But at the end I thought it was for the best. I’ve been lucky and it has been quite easy to find her a new home, so today she has gone to United States, and I hope in her new home they give her everything I haven’t been able to myself \(^ ^)/

I have in mind to do an entry about my general history in the BJD world since I started, which dolls came, which ones went away, and in that post I will also explain my theory about why right now of all the dolls I bought in 2011 I only have Brynn (and she won’t go anywhere). Sometimes I’m surprised about how much I can get to know myself through my dolls and my history with them. But as I said, I will leave this for a future post.

Thank you for reading! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ


Welcome to Dolls’ Cabin, my personal blog about my dolls.

It’s been a while that I had this project in mind, but for some reason I kept postponing it. Lately I haven’t been too active in the world of the BJD (when it comes to taking pictures and other things) because of personal reasons, and it’s something I wanted to change.
When I look back in time I realise that I’ve rarely written down things that have changed in my dolls, or new things I got, or in which moment I thought/found their names and personalities. Because of all that and more I’ve created this blog, to make a record of what I do in the hobby.

So I’m very happy to start this project, finally!

I hope that you have a good time around here and many thanks for reading!